The summer season is closing in fast! Thank you to all that have floated with us.


Our Location, don't get lost.

Our 911 Location is: 41619 River Road Valentine, NE 69201 

ATTENTION: GPS Maps may send you to the wrong location.  

We are not south of Valentine, NE.  We are East of Valentine along River Road. Please follow our instructions below.  We don't want to send out the search party for you.



Directions to Rocky Ford Camp and Outfitters

Option One:  The easiest way to get to Rocky Ford is by turning south at mile marker 18 on hwy 12 at the town of Sparks, NE. Directions to Sparks: Follow scenic and winding river road south and east for 12 miles, or about 20-25 minutes until you pull up onto Rocky Ford property.  

Option Two:  You may also get to Rocky Ford by turning south one mile west of the town of Norden, NE, at mile marker 28. There are no other signs indicating the turning point other than the mile marker. From there you follow the dirt road south for 5 miles, and there is a sign that indicates Rocky Ford is to the right (west). Take the right fork and follow the river road for 1/2 mile until you pull up on Rocky Ford property. Please note: This way is not recommended, as the road is less maintained and can be washed out after rainfall. If you have any doubts, please take mile marker 18, as cell phone service is spotty at best. 

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